Safety is our top priority. We aim to become a safety leader in our industry, creating a workplace without fatalities, injuries or occupational diseases.

Why safety matters

A safe workplace is essential for the long-term wellbeing of our people.

Our ambition is to prevent all fatalities, occupational diseases and injuries at work.

Our approach

With strong leadership on safety, we believe we can create and maintain safe workplaces for everyone.

Committed to operating safely

Management of safety risks is at the heart of our approach to safety. To manage, mitigate and eliminate safety risks, we have built a framework that is comprehensive, robust and well tested.

We expect every individual – employee or contractor – to take responsibility for their own safety, and for that of their colleagues.

We encourage our people to share their workplace safety knowledge when they are at home and in their communities.


Supporting our approach to safety is SafeWork – our initiative to change attitudes towards safety across the Group.

Through SafeWork, we aim to bring about long-term sustainable change, to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries.

SafeWork in practice

SafeWork is designed to give everyone in our business the tools and knowledge to perform their tasks safely. Above all, every individual is empowered to stop unsafe work.

The elements of SafeWork are:

: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

: Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all

International Council on Mining and Metals Principle 5

: Pursue continual improvement in health and safety performance with the ultimate goal of zero harm

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